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Food Grains

Cleaned grains available raw & processed

Fresh Fruits

Naturally ripened seasonal fruits

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Fresh harvest, graded supplied weekly

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Explore sustainably grown farm produce with traceability to producer group and authentic certifications

Interested to have a long term agreement for supplies?

Agricultural crops are seasonal with lots of uncertainties.  FPOhub facilitates agreement with FPOs for regular supplies of produce with assured quality


Value addition to Field Grains

Rice | Wheat | Millets | Pulses

Cold pressed edible oils

Fruit Value Addition

Grading | Pulping | Solar drying | Juices

Vegetable Value Addition

Grading | Cut Vegetables | Solar Dryed

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Latest updates on Farming, FPOs, Markets and Policies

Every product has a story

Traceable to producer, FPO, Village and the ecological foot prints

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