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Rhizo Power is known as Rhizobium spp. It helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Tryptophan produced in the roots of legumes is converted into indole acetic acid by rhizobium. So there is increased root development and enhanced seed germination. CFU: 2X108

Recommended: for all pulses like Black gram, Bengal gram, red gram, Soya bean, Green gram, etc,.

Dosage & Application: Take 4kg of Rhizo power mix with 400kg of FYM / Vermi compost add 1kg joggary water and keep it for one week in shade then broad cast over one acre of field.

Seed treatment: 100 g of jiggery/sugar with 1L of water should be boiled well and then cooled. 200g of rhizobium culture shall be added to the liquid and made smooth paste. This paste can be applied smoothly for 15-20 kg of seeds and dry them in shadow for proper results.

Package : 1KG

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