ORGANIC KIT For All Crops:19kg / 10kg

Product Description


A. Bio Fertilizers:

1.    Azoto/azospirillum – 2kg (Nitrogen fixing)

2. Phosphobacteria      – 2kg (Phosphate solubilizer)

3. K bacteria                -2kg (Potash mobilizer)

4. VAM                        -5kg ( for Nutrients uptake)

    TOTAL           — 11 Kgs.

B. Bio-control Agents:

1. Trichoderma viride – 2kg (root rot, collar rot, damping off, wilt, etc.)

2. Pseudomonas          – 2kg (blast, blight, sheath, sheath rot, leaf spot, etc)

   TOTAL           —- 04 Kgs

C. Bio Pesticides:

1. Metarhizium/ Beauveria / Verticillium lecani –    2kg

 (Soil pest/Caterpillars/sucking Pests etc;)

       TOTAL      —– 02 Kgs.                             

D. Growth promoters:

1. PGPR –   2kg (Plant growth promoting Rhizo bacteria-Bacillus sps.)

      TOTAL      —–  02 Kgs


Usage & Dosage:

For Seed/Seedling treatment:

Take 3-5gm from each product (except VAM) mix in 1kg of seed with little moisture sow. For seedlings take 20ltrs of water in a tub & mix 30-50gm of each product (except V AM) thoroughly then dip the seedling for few minutes then sow.

For Seedling beds:

Take 20-30gm of each product (Except VAM) mix in 15 ltrs of water then spray/drench for seedling beds.

For Spray / Drenching: (Liquid Microbial Culture)

Take 250gm of each product from Kit (Except VAM) and mix in 100 L of water along with 1/2 kg of black jaggary (soluble condition), 1 kg of any pulse powder from any navadhanya), 2-3 ltrs of cow urine and 3-5 kg of cow dung. Mix all the above items thoroughly and ferment it for 24 to 48 hrs in a shade. Then filter it & use the above culture for spray on the crop.

Time of spray/drench: 1st spray – 10 days after sowing / transplantation. 2nd spray – 25 days after sowing / transplantation. 3rd spray – 40 days after sowing / transplantation.

4th spray – 55-60 days after sowing / transplantation.

For Soil Application:

Take remaining all the products including VAM from Kit mix thoroughly with 200-500 kg of organic manure (vermi compost / FYM) + 20 kg of neem cake + 1/2kg of Black jaggery water. Keep it for 5-7 days in a shade then broadcast over one acre field in the sowing rows at the time of last plow. 

Package : 19 KG

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Weight 612297765 kg

Custom milling and packing available

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Agricultural produce, returns not accepted.


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