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Horse gram

Farm Inputs-Bioinputs
Certification: PGS
Total Quantity Available:0.3
Available by: 1st Fortnight of January, 2nd Fortnight of January, 1st Fortnight of February, 2nd Fortnight of February, 1st Fortnight of March, 2nd Fortnight of March, 1st Fortnight of April, 2nd Fortnight of April, 1st Fortnight of May, 2nd Fortnight of May, 1st Fortnight of June, 2nd Fortnight of June, 1st Fortnight of July, 2nd Fortnight of July, 1st Fortnight of August, 2nd Fortnight of August, 1st Fortnight of September, 2nd Fortnight of September, 1st Fortnight of October, 2nd Fortnight of October, 1st Fortnight of November, 2nd Fortnight of November, 1st Fortnight of December, 2nd Fortnight of December
Is Custom Milling Available: No
Minimum Order Quantity: 0.1

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Product Description

Additional information

Custom milling and packing available

Quality ensured and every product can be traceable to producer group


Shipping costs are as per actuals


Agricultural produce, returns not accepted.


Payments are made to FPOhub and after the product delivery and buyer issues acceptance letter, the payment would be made to supplier


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