As per instruction of GoI, Nafed wanted to procure fruits from Maharashtra, Andhra , Telengana, Chhattisgarh & North East and transport to Delhi on pilot basis using special trains being run by Indian railway. Volume should not very big in beginning, say 10 MT /20 MT.
Crops that are included are banana, pomegranate, Mausambi, pineapple, mango etc. Pl inform if any FPO’s or cooperatives or individuals can do. 50% freight shall be borne by NAFED and they will sell and give the payment. So responsibility of sales lies with Nafed only. Cold storage is hired at Azadpur and they will also unload from Rly station at Delhi. Kindly inform if any person or FPO is interested. +917042884468 – Mr. Shrivastava, GM, NAFED, New Delhi