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FPOhub is an initiative to build an enabling ecosystem to facilitate emergence of robust FPOs which in turn build livelihood and entrepreneurial opportunities for rural communities and help in transition to economically viable and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

for over 16 years, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is promoting and supporting producer organizations to improve their ability to plan production, aggregate produce, access finances and other services, value add and improve bargaining power in market

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    [counter_up icon=”fas fa-industry” number=”231″ title=”Farmer Producer Organizations”]Supported as POPI, RSA, CBBO, Promoting Organization[/counter_up]
    [counter_up icon=”fas fa-globe” number=”7″ title=”States”]FPOs in AP, Assam, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Sikkim, Telangana[/counter_up]
    [counter_up icon=”fas fa-users” number=”100000″ title=”Farmers”]improving the  livelihoods of small and marginal farmers[/counter_up]
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    Farming and allied activities, Trainings, Farmer Field Schools, Advisories


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-seedling” title=”Input Services”]

    Seed, bio inputs, Custom Hiring Centres, irrigation equipment, arm implements etc


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-balance-scale” title=”Access to Entitlements”]

    Access to Government Services, Entitlements, focusing on vulnerable communities etc


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-gifts” title=”Rural Enterprenurship”]

    Livelihoods, Business Development Services,  Forward and Backward Linkages


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-barcode” title=”Certifications and Traceability”]

    PGS, ICS, Food Safety Standards, Traceability along supply chain etc


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-file-contract” title=”Legal Compliances”]

    Registration, GST, Auditing, Policies, Governance etc


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-rupee-sign” title=”Financial Services”]

    Access to credit, insurance, schemes and other financial services


    [service_box icon=”far fa-people-carry” title=”Market Linkages”]

    Market Linkages, Storage, eNAM, ecommerce portals, MRT, Logistics etc


    [service_box icon=”fas fa-blender-phone” title=”Digital Tools”]

    Information, Market Place, Traceability, ERP System for FPO Management


    Supporting Organizations and Partners

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